Spectacular Lone Tree Sunrise Lake Llyn Padarn

Lone Tree

Being an avid tree photographer, having a soft spot for lone trees, a love of good sky, striking mountains and interesting water, this Lone Tree inspired me. 

The Lone Tree became a must-have shot, as it comes with everything that makes one happy.

Books had informed that this scene could be glorious, at different times of the year, with the seasonal changes, coming with the most fantastic background.


Visiting Llanberis, a village at the foot of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, at the beginning of the year, the tree would be baron, and there would be an excellent chance of Lake Llyn Padarn being still.

Weather conditions permitting, this would provide a perfect mirror for the Glyderau and Snowdon beyond.

However, in the preceding days, the weather had been atrocious. There had been snowfall in Snowdonia, North Wales, heavy rainfall, and flooding. Water levels in Lake Llyn Padarn had risen, so I was not sure how accessible this spot was going to be as I had arrived at my accommodation late at night, in darkness and there was no opportunity to scout out my shot.


Undeterred by a drive in me to do whatever it took to get my one impressive shot I re-read my guidebooks and map and planned my route for the early hours of the morning. The car journey had shattered me, as I had been driving in bad weather conditions. Determined to get to my location, on the west side of the lake in good time the next morning, I decided to set three alarm clocks then crashed down on my bed, and sleep took me quickly. I was rudely and suddenly awoken, not many hours later by the shrill of the three annoying alarms, going off in succession. I threw myself out of bed, and out of my accommodation to be met by a bitterly cold morning.

Hiking in darkness to the lake edge, no longer feeling my nose, just making out my hot breath hanging in the icy air, and my fingers were cold and numb. I could not see or make out anything in front of me, making it difficult to find my subject, the Lone Tree, which was standing on the edge of Lake Llyn Padarn, somewhere down there in the water. There was an eerie silence for which seemed like an eternity as time seemed to stand still.


As dawn broke on that winter’s morning, something extraordinary was happening across Lake Llyn Padarn.

The astonishingly beautiful sunrise and stillness of that morning was something to see. I felt blessed to capture the moment.

Taking several shots, deciding which looked best, I chose to place the tree to the left of my image. The mist came rolling in to enhance my composition. The lake became calm as it began to present to me, much like a gift, the stunning reflections you can see in this photograph.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Lee Filter 0.9 Soft, Monfretto 190 TridodAperture Priority Mode, 39mm, f/16, ISO 100, 20th secs

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    This is an absolutely brilliant shot. The reflection of the sky and landscape, perfectly mirrored in the water, is just beautiful. It conveys such tranquility.

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    Wonderful photographs. I’m interested in purchasing Tremendous and Lone Tree

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