Buttermere Lake Reflections

Buttermere Lake Reflections

Char Hut and Buttermere

Astonishing Landscapes and beauty abound in The Lake District, England. This region inspires writers and photographers. Walkers cyclists, climbers, campers, boaters and holidaymakers abound.

One of my favourite areas is the north-west Lake District, which covers some of the quieter, least commercialised parts and encompasses stunning Lake Buttermere. 

Setting the Scene

There are so many angles to take this beautiful Lake from; however, I wanted a sunrise shot from the shore, facing Char Hut (a fishing hut) nestled within a copse of tall Sentinel Pines (Buttermere Pines), sloping fences to the right, more trees to the left, brilliant autumnal colours of the fells in the background and calm waters of Buttermere together with reflections in the Lake in the morning light. 


Arriving at the location, in the early morning, to quietness and darkness time was needed to set up, taking several practice shots, trying different lenses and angles, waiting patiently and expectantly for the sunrise. 

Finally, the decision was made to work with my 70 – 200mm lens. 


Unbelievably, and totally unexpectedly, the most magnificent sight was unfolding before my eyes. At first dawn light, there had been no reflections in the water. 

Suddenly, the sun scattered its rays from beyond the edges of Fleetwith Pike, highlighting the surrounding fells, casting bright morning light down onto Char Hut, which was sitting there proudly amongst all this splendour. The sun bathed the shoreline and water of the Lake, and that is when the stillness in the reflective water was captured.

Reflections came briefly, as the mist started rolling in and within a matter of three minutes, the mist engulfed the cottage, shrouding the fells and making any further shots impossible to get after this shot. 

Do You Want More!

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  1. The early morning light and colours captured here are simply breathtaking. The low lying mist adds to the atmosphere of the shot and provides a stunning contrast with the trees. It encapsulates everything that is beautiful and inviting about the Lake District.

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