Mark Pollitt LBIPP

Mark Pollitt is a photographer, noted for creating eye-catching landscapes, waterscapes, portraits including activity scenes, animal and object photography. 

Mark’s work is distinctive as he has a generous interpretation of an inspiring scene: whether it be calm or stormy, he can produce incredible light and reflections. He loves the outdoors and has unexpectedly met many people to randomly photograph on his journeys to his carefully chosen locations, such as Venice, Rome, Lake District, Northumberland and Scotland. 

He creatively concentrates on treating his photography as an art form to capture and evoke emotion. His visions reflect beauty, serenity, boldness and, at times, the odd or unconventional. Mark takes a great deal of time planning and setting the scene to deliver his superb photographs. Sometimes it takes him many days to produce just one, as he is known for repeatedly returning to the same place at times, to get the perfect site, the right light, the best composition, which is half the battle, and he chases the right weather, be it good or bad and moody. 

Mark’s passion for photography began numerous years ago, and his photography has evolved because it connected with his love of walking and exploring.

Mark is critical on himself to deliver the best, wanting to portray his manipulation of lighting, understanding the vision in front of him and bringing images to life. Mark makes his work speak out to people, both loudly and softly, making the imagination run wild and challenging nature in the raw. 

He captures unfolding, breathtaking moments to lock into print for years to come. Mark wants to explore and photograph so much more variety. He puts himself in situations that make for happy, funny and serious photography, making the viewer glow warm. He has been in precarious locations where he can be balancing on top of a sheer cliff edge drop to achieve his shot, achieving excitement from his audience.

Mark believes that he has only touched a part of the surface of the earth and is now on a never-ending journey, compelled to create striking images and give his photos that extra show-stopping look.

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